Anonymous asked: I don't know how i stumbled upon this but I am shocked! I did not know you had a foot fetish...I've always had a big foot fetish, and finding this is hilarious and amazing at the same time. Hope your doing well LOL. p.s. this is a very old friend from highschool, we didnt go to the same school though.

Um, I’m super curious as to who this is LOL. (plztellmelmao)

Anonymous asked: HIIIII. WHERE ARE U ??????

In my bedroom ;)

junkheaddog asked: Have a fetish over your own feet? They are beautiful, by the way, and you too ♥

Awh thanks :p <3 You’re too sweet 

vanillasouth asked: Welcome back! I love the octopus shirt. :)

Thank you! :D Me too <3

bitesize88 asked: If I'm shrunken down at your bare feet and you saw me, would you ... 1Step on me 2Make me smell/kiss your feet 3Put me in a sock and wear it 4Scrunch your toes on me 5Eat me up alive xD

Are you wearing an animal costume? Cuz then I’d put you in my pocket :)

Maybe a leash so I can show you off to my friends.

Yo guys, I’m 1 follower away from 2000.

Thanks so much for that! It means a lot that you all stayed during my unofficial hiatus hahah. Any ideas on what to do for the 2000th? 

Nothing too big, though. I don’t want that kind of pressure lol